Words With Monsters


Everyone loves word games, right? Well this one has monsters!

Words With Monsters is an adorable and hilarious new take on your favourite old word game, this time with princess-saving, monster-slaying adventure.

You play the role of Sir Wordsworth, a sociopathic knight with delusions of intelligence. Armed with a wooden sword and a bucket for a helmet you’ll take on the ‘evil’ monsters of the land with your verbal prowess.


Word games like Scrabble are an old favourite, but when the game play goes on for too long, the fun drops off quick. Once the words branch out to the good edge tiles or somebody gains a significant lead - people start to play defensively and the board clogs up. The time taken for each turn becomes longer and longer and the game becomes boring.

The goal with Words With Monsters was to form a single player game around those early, more exciting stages.



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About Friendly Cat

Friendly Cat is an independent game development studio based in Sydney, Australia. Friendly Cat is the creative brainchild of Sydney iOS designer Wayne Petzler.


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